COVID-19 Update

To our valued customers & suppliers,

We wanted to take a moment to address the global outbreak of COVID-19 virus. It is having a far-reaching impact, and our industry is no exception.

You and our staff are our priority and we are committed to implementing precautions and best
practices in response to the outbreak, in order to minimise risk to our industry, employees and you. As this is a quickly evolving situation, we have already implemented protocols in our office and display homes and are closely monitoring for updates to make necessary changes with guidance from Government and public
health agencies.

What we have done so far:

  • We have had a meeting with our staff about what they are comfortable with and discussed
    best practices, and encouraged prioritising their health, and if feeling unwell, to remain at
  • We have increased the frequency of handwashing throughout the day and following
    interactions with the public.
  • We continue to sanitise and wipe down surfaces that have come into human contact.
  • Hand sanitiser available to use in all our display homes.
  • Instructed cleaners to spend extra time, if required, to thoroughly clean and wipe all

What can we offer going forward:

  • Private appointments available at our display homes – you can schedule a visit via our
  • Virtual walk-throughs – we are happy to FaceTime with you and walk you around our display
    homes if you can’t attend in person.
  • We are happy to chat over the phone and send information via email based on your needs.

There is a lot of uncertainty, but one thing is certain: our commitment to you, our staff and to
our business. We remain open and ready to welcome you and are focusing on the things we can
do, rather than those we can’t. We ask you continue to support us in return.