Meet the Stannards

Personal meeting with Glenn or Peter.

Get the very best of 56+ years of successful home design and building advice from the people who give their name to the business. Founder Peter Stannard and General Manager Glenn Stannard are more than happy to meet with you to answer all your design and building questions. Pick their brains on everything from bricks to bi-fold doors. Dig up their wealth of knowledge on design mistakes to avoid and why good trades make all the difference.

Peter and Glenn will inspire you with their passion for creating beautiful homes, and for being involved in the process at every step. Meet them in a display home to talk about designs and inclusions. Or meet them on-site and see how hands-on they are when checking the quality of a build and paying attention to detail.

Make a time to meet with Peter or Glenn soon. You’ll discover questions you didn’t even know you should be asking for your new home build!

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