5 ways to maximise space on a small block

hamelin display home

If you grew up in Western Australia, you’d be forgiven for seeing space, especially within a  home, not as a luxury but as a necessity  of life. And if you arrived from overseas , the space (on top of the weather) might have come as a welcome surprise. 

With the population of Perth continuing to grow but land sizes shrinking, our designers at Stannard Homes have, seen a growing need to provide new home designs that balance the luxury people seek with affordability in their desired suburb.

Our new display home, The Hamelin, is our way of helping people understand the possibilities of a small block. Built on a corner lot in the vibrant suburb of Mt Hawthorn, Perth, the Hamelin is a 4 x 3 with two living areas, dual study spaces; perfect for multi-generational living. Our brand new home design is a demonstration of how expansive and comfortable your next home could be. 

So what should you pay close attention to when building on a smaller block? 


1. Design well

Though small blocks come with just as much potential as large blocks, they are certainly less forgiving. Even small mistakes in your home design will stand out, so when choosing an architect, designer, and builder, look for professionals who are experienced and thoughtful about every detail. 

You could probably end the article here and head to our display home to see this for yourself because the Stannard Homes team will cover all of these details for you (and more), but if you’re curious to know what else to look for and consider, then read on. 


2. Maximise airflow

open kitchen with open sliding doors to outside

Cross ventilation is essential to home designs. Not only does it help to manage the temperature of a home, but a lack of airflow can make a home feel closed in and even smaller. When reviewing your designs, think about how you can open up windows and allow a breeze to pass from one end of the home to another. Consider the landscaping of your block too; trees and shrubs that are too close to the home can be great at shielding your house from direct sunlight, but they can also block airflow if planted too close.

In our two-storey Hamelin home design, we wanted to take advantage of Perth’s climate and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors; this design allows plenty of light and air to circulate through the main living areas. Upstairs, the bedrooms and theatre receive cross ventilation through a cleverly designed floor plan.


3. Let the right light in

stacked open sliding doors

Great design should let natural light flow throughout a home to create inviting spaces. A well-lit home can make the space appear larger and, when placed strategically, can help regulate the temperature of your home. 

In The Hamelin, we have prioritised an open plan design incorporating bifold and stacking doors onto the alfresco,  strategically positioned retractable alfresco awning and skylights,  ensuring both inside and outdoor spaces are light and bright without compromising on thermal regulation. 


4. Protect your privacy

Nobody wants their neighbours to be able to peer into their home, this is where home designs need to factor in the lot you’re building on. The design team at Stannard Homes will carefully assess your land and the neighbouring properties and make tweaks to the design to maximise your privacy. This can mean changing the height, size and position of windows so that you still have a light-filled but private space. 

Families need privacy from their neighbours, but also privacy for guests when they come to visit. We speak to many people who are concerned about how a smaller home will impact their ability to host family or friends.

The Hamelin comes with a private wing at the front of the house, complete with a bedroom, private bathroom, study space, and direct access to a self-contained courtyard, so when visitors are ready to retire for some rest, they’re not cooped up in a bedroom. 


5. Storage

No matter what size your home is, ample storage space is necessary to avoid clutter and mess. Built-in cabinetry in key areas will help you keep everything where it should be and can add visual interest to the design of a room. So when looking at your floorplan or design, make sure you check there is enough storage planned for your needs. 

In The Hamelin, we’ve maximised storage where it matters, in the kitchen, scullery, laundry, bedrooms, garage and store room. 


Embracing smaller blocks

display home on corner block

If you’ve found a block in the neighbourhood you’ve dreamed of, don’t be put off by its size. If you’re careful about the home builder, tradespeople and suppliers you choose, smaller blocks can still provide the space needed to make a truly comfortable and stylish home.


Now that you know all of this, make sure you make time to experience it, by visiting the Hamelin display centre at 20a Woodstock Street, Mount Hawthorn WA, Australia.