Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need planning approval or a permit to demolish my home?

In most cases, yes. Every council is different and your Stannard Homes consultant will assess the requirements for your existing property and your new home. They will then manage the council planning and permit application process for you.

How long does the whole demolition and rebuilding process take?

Like most things, this depends on the size and complexity of the job. It will depend on your old home, your block and its condition, any council regulations, and the new home to be built. Your Stannard Homes consultant will be able to give you timeframes based on your situation.

In general, the process follows these key steps:

  1. You engage a demolition contractor.
  2. You move out of your old home.
  3. You arrange all services to be disconnected.
  4. Contractor undertakes pest control on empty home.
  5. Contractor cuts sewer and returns water & phone lines to original points.
  6. Contractor lodges application for demolition permit.
  7. Permit issued and demolition begins.
  8. You check site condition and services after demolition.
  9. Stannard Homes commences build of your new, dream home.

Why should I choose Stannard Homes for my demolish and rebuild project?

We understand this process more thoroughly than most! Stannard Homes has been around for 56 years, so our experience dealing with local councils ensures a smooth process for applications, permits and licences. Every year we help more and more Perth families to enjoy living in the place they love while building a modern home to suit their lifestyle. Our beautiful home designs and quality finishes add significantly to your home’s value too. Talk to us about the process and steps we guide you through.

Can I organise the demolition contractor myself to save costs?

We prefer to offer our clients the opportunity to go direct to a demolition contractor, as this can save costs. However, we are also happy to arrange and manage things for you. It’s all about what suits you and your budget best. Our top priority is always to guide you through the journey and remove any stress for you.

What should I expect from a home demolition contractor?

An experienced contractor should offer a complete demolition service including:

  • Closure or elimination of services to your site (sewer, water, gas, electricity etc.)
  • Removal of asbestos and provision of a hygiene certificate.
  • Removal of all debris and clearing your block.
  • Raking your completely cleared block.

Am I responsible for having services disconnected before demolition?

Yes. You will need to contact your gas, electricity and water providers to arrange disconnection, and to have final meter readings after you move out and before demolition. Remember to contact your internet and phone service providers too, as cables may be affected.

How will I know what needs to be demolished?

This is where your Stannard Homes consultant can help you. Their experience will guide you based on what your new design entails. They can supply the relevant site plan and contour survey for you to give to your demolition contractor.

Can I retain some parts of my home or items on my property?

We recommend you salvage any items you wish to keep, or mark any items clearly that you want to remain. It’s important that you discuss this with the demolition contractor ahead of demolition.

Will I need to arrange temporary fencing?

This is only necessary if any existing fences are removed, or if a pool is being retained and needs to be made safe. Your contractor can advise you further.

Will I need new fences?

This will depend on your block and the condition of the fences. If your existing fences are less than 1.8m high, you will need to install fence extensions or a new fence. Your Stannard Homes consultant will point out any fencing requirements shown on your contract site plans. It’s a good idea to be familiar with your council’s dividing fences regulations and laws, so you can avoid any unpleasant relationships with your neighbours.

How long does council planning or permit approval take?

Timeframes can vary considerably, and will depend on your council and what you are planning to do on your block. We will advise you on the process and help you through it.