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Living Area - Explore Modern Industrial Interior Design.

A visually dramatic style with archetypically bold design choices, the industrial style is favoured by minimalists, art-lovers, and those who love the raw charm of laid back coffee shops. A touch of the bohemian lifestyle lives in the way structural elements become showpieces, a home design trend that continues to be highly desirable around the world.

The trend of modern industrial interior design can be traced back to ‘design out of necessity.’

During the postwar boom times of the USA, a healthy economy meant more warehouses and factories. As American manufacturing began to move overseas, an abundance of commercial buildings were left empty. As early as the ‘60s artists began inhabiting the spaces; noteworthy people like Andy Warhol created his studio: The Factory in such a space.

Towards the end of the 20th century warehouses also became homes or evolved into coffee shops, bicycle shops, pop up markets, impossible-to-get-a-reservation restaurants… all bringing instant cool to their spaces by embracing the utility and the vintage appeal of a building.

There are key elements to consider when incorporating a modern industrial style. Exploring below, we can see how to mix elegant modern lines mixed with industrial influences, while keeping a warmth of a family home.

Juxtapose raw with refined

While many look at these spaces as minimal, a clever interior designer will look to incorporate drama into the space. Bring in heavy gloss painted metal finishes set against earth-tones or patterns. Separate out repeating patterns such as tiles or wood grain with soft, flat hues.

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Form and function

Everything for a reason, even if that reason is beauty. Modern industrial style design puts function ahead of form. We can often see the work that the building is doing through exposed brickwork or perhaps functional pipes being highlighted in bold or dark paint. Let the utility be a feature.

Simplicity and space

Items are not collected in a space like this, they’re curated. Less is more, so it’s time to channel your inner Marie Kondo. Industrial designs favour floor space over furniture, and clear paths over clutter.

Let the light in

Factory owners soon realised that it costs a lot to keep the lights on, so they preferred to utilise the free stuff from the sun. Modern industrial favours large windows that allow natural light to enter the home, adding to the spacious feeling.

Explore history, naturally

Modern industrial homes look to the past to create a bold contemporary look. Going back to the basics with raw, natural materials is almost always the right choice. Wood, iron, stone and concrete have been core building materials throughout history; bring them to the fore to connect the wildness of nature with elegance and restraint.

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