Finding the right narrow lot home design

Kitchen and Dining area - Finding the Right Narrow Lot Home Design.

Perth is one of the most spread out cities per capita in Australia, however the quarter acre block is becoming less common. As the city’s population grows towards an estimated 3.5 million by 2050, infill rates in the metro area have been trending higher over the past decade. Block sizes have been slowly decreasing as rezoning allows owners to subdivide lots and realise their investment property potential. The prevalence of smaller blocks in Perth has also increased the availability of superb narrow lot home design options.

While land prices in new developments may offer more square meterage per dollar, if you’d prefer a lifestyle closer to the city or the coast, a narrow block in a more established neighbourhood could come in at a comparable price range. Such a location may mean shorter commutes, access to cafes, shops and restaurants, as well as proximity to public transport and schools — so, a lot to love!

A narrow lot doesn’t mean you have to forgo the luxury of space, either. Stannard Homes’ narrow lot home designs offer a wide range of customisable options and clever features suited to a slender homesite.

What do I need to consider in my narrow house design?

Without the forethought of an experienced designer, narrow lot house plans can end up with an excess of dark corners and poky spaces. On the other hand, a narrow lot home design by Stannard Homes makes excellent use of voids to bring natural light through the home, or, in the case of a staircase, using the void for clever storage options.

The Aria

As you can see in the Soho display home — which is built to suit a 10m frontage — we emphasise the amount of natural light and create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The use of higher ceilings, a mezzanine and floor-to-ceiling windows can make a narrow lot home feel much bigger and airier. 

Soho Display Image 4

The Soho

Soho Display Elevation Image

The Soho

What are the garage options for a narrow house design?

A car is an essential in Perth, with many families having two vehicles, so considering where they will be kept is important. Narrow lots in established older neighbourhoods may already have the benefit of a service lane to the rear allowing for more design choices. If this only happens to be street frontage, the garage can become a feature design at the front as with the Hudson.

Hudson 3D design perspective from the front.

The Hudson

Rethink storage in your narrow lot home.

On the extreme end, the ‘tiny homes’ movement has shown us how it’s possible to maximise every centimetre with inventive modular spaces. While living in a tiny home isn’t for everyone, the clever storage solutions are worthy inspiration for larger narrow lot homes.

Built-in cabinets or bookcases can transform tricky areas into functional and stylish spaces. Storage cupboards that extend from floor to ceiling are a must where floor-space is at a premium.

A well-designed kitchen will put utility first, maximise bench space and taking advantage of features now common in modern cabinetry. Think: soft-close drawers for storage below waist-height, an abundance of cabinets at eye height, and carousel racks in corner cupboards.

8m narrow block house designs.

With just an 8m block width, the Jolimont manages to fit a whole lot in with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dedicated family room and large alfresco area.


10m narrow block house designs.

A 4-bed, 2-bath beauty, the West End is a modern beauty that maximises space with a flowing family room, dining area and kitchen arrangement.

West End

Two-storey homes for narrow blocks

The good news is that with Stannard Homes you can buy and build in a suburb you love, without sacrificing on the character and luxury of your home. As the double storey home building specialists in Perth, we’ve perfected the narrow lot home design, offering modern and surprisingly spacious feeling residences.

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