Show personality with polished concrete floors

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Polished concrete floors have become one of the most desirable features of modern home design in recent years.

Forget the flat grey ‘slab’. Polished concrete floors offer a wide range of colours and shades, and the ability to add decorative stone aggregates for visual texture. Another popular aggregate for polished concrete floors is crushed and tumbled recycled glass, which offers sparkling highlights in a massive array of vibrant colours.

Modern Terrazzo floor texture

The uniform nature of polished concrete floors mean that flat colours, wood grains and colourful features all work with each other. Whatever your style — scandi, mid-century, modern, industrial, rustic, minimalist — polished concrete complements all manner of interior design ethos.

To further tie the interior design of your home together, the aggregate mix and colour of a polished concrete floor can be carried over into concrete countertops and shelving.

Cottesloe Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors offer strength and resilience

Polished concrete is known for its durability. Structures built with concrete thousands of years ago, such as the Pantheon, remain standing to this day. Polished concrete flooring is popular in hospitality venues because of its hardiness and ease to keep clean.

Cleaning is easy with polished concrete floors

Nothing can get stuck in gaps if there are none. Unlike tiles there’s no grout to stain, discolour or become mouldy over the years, meaning polished concrete floors are ideal in bathrooms and kitchens.

Efficient heating and cooling

The thermal mass of concrete floors means that they’re perfect for the Perth climate. In summer, polished concrete remains cool to the touch. In winter, the addition of under-floor heating keeps the whole house toasty on a surprisingly small budget.

Fire-proof, spill-resistant polished concrete floors

Suppose you’re thinking of installing a fireplace in the main living area for ambience and warmth. In that case, there’s no need to worry about scorched carpets or timber. Similarly, liquids on the floor don’t pose the swelling risk of composite floorboards.

Slip-resistant where needed

Any hard surface can be slippery, especially in wet environments. Polished concrete can be sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating to add texture and prevent falls and injuries.

Polished concrete floors are allergy-friendly

We avoid Volatile Organic Compounds in our concrete flooring solutions. Polished concrete is an excellent fit for allergy and respiratory issue sufferers because they don’t trap allergens, dust mites, bacteria or moisture.

Are polished concrete floors expensive?

The luxurious look of polished concrete doesn’t come with a luxurious price tag. Polished concrete is competitively priced compared to tiles and other hard floor options.

Polished concrete floor care

Polished concrete is highly stain-resistant, and cleaning is a breeze. A pH-neutral cleaner is best for decorative concrete flooring. You’ll just want to avoid harsh cleaning products such as ammonia, citrus, bleach or pine cleaners; they can react with the concrete and can etch the surface.

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