Understanding the custom home design process: What to expect

So, you’ve found the perfect block of land in a location you love? Amazing! Every year we help some of Perth’s most inspired architecture-lovers make the most of their block and views with a custom home design. If you want to create something perfectly suited to every element, from the orientation and street presence to your taste and lifestyle, there are a few things to consider. 

As you might expect, a custom home design takes a little more planning, preparation and investment than building from an existing plan. But, considering our designers, building engineers and site managers are all in-house, choosing a Stannard home design for your Perth ‘forever home’ is a breeze.


How long does it take to build custom home designs Perth?

The pre-construction phase usually takes an average of 6 months, which includes concepting and development, drafting and approvals. This is only the average, as custom home designs have just as many details but more decisions to be made compared to a home from an existing plan. 

And for construction? There’s no reason to sugarcoat it; factoring in the huge volume of building in WA in Q3 2023, the construction phase is typically around 12 months for a single-story home and about 18-months-plus for a two-story custom home — though these timelines may slightly differ based on the home’s size and specifications.

 Stannard Custom Home Mosman Park

How much does a custom home design cost in WA (2023)?

The cost of custom home designs will vary depending on various factors, including the size, design complexity, materials, and finishes. 

However, for reference, our single-storey Stannard homes start from around $600,000, while our two-storey homes range between $850,000 – $2.5 million.

As you can understand, a custom home will have a custom price. At Stannard Homes, we believe in creating bespoke homes tailored to your unique vision and lifestyle, which means your investment will be determined by the specific requirements of your dream home. Rest assured, our team will work closely with you to provide accurate cost estimates and transparent pricing throughout the process.

If you’re considering a demolition-rebuild, and waving bye bye to those 1970s brown bricks or dangerous asbestos, our team of experienced luxury home designers can guide you through the process, from the demo and disposal, to design and construction of your new dream home. You’re welcome to use your own demolition team as this can save costs — or we are able to handle that for clients.

demolition rebuild

Step 1. Initial consultation

Let’s get talking! Before we put the pen to paper, we’ll sit down with your look-book or Pinterest boards — and dive deep into your desires, dreams, and must-haves for your custom home while taking into account your budget. 

It’s time for brainstorming and getting on the same page about what will really add value to your lifestyle through your home. We love an interesting challenge, so tell us about that long held wish for an underground 5-car garage, 12 seat cinema, butler’s scullery or fish tank wall. Anything is possible and we love getting to know you and your unique preferences, so we can bring your vision to life.


Step 2. Concept development

With your ideas in hand, our team of talented designers will transform your vision into design concepts. These stunning visualisations define the mood, architectural style, and perhaps go as far as presenting some layout options, without getting into the fine detail of the home. 

We love that these meetings always surprise and delight clients, and keep it as an open forum for refining and fine-tuning the designs until it’s right for you and your family.

Custom Home Ardross

Step 3. Personal design elements and refinement 

Once the concept is locked in, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty details. We’ll guide you through an array of design choices, from materials and finishes to fixtures and fittings. Your Stannard custom home building interior designer is on hand to help you make selections that reflect your personal style and create a timeless, luxurious ambience.


Step 4. Construction documentation 

This stage often runs simultaneously with the main interior design selections process, to ensure we have considered the vast majority of elements as we head into drafting plans and approval.

With your creative vision front of mind, we knuckle down to ensure that the technical side of things is covered. Our meticulous team prepares comprehensive construction documentation, from architectural plans to engineering drawings, we leave no stone unturned. 

It’s not unusual at this stage to require a few changes — perhaps around building codes and practicality, or the need to cut back in areas to preserve budget for elsewhere. In fact, if there weren’t changes at this point, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs!

Rest assured, your Western Australian custom home will be built with the utmost precision and attention to detail, showcasing the best in Australian house designs.


Step Five. Building approval and permits

Ah, the world of regulations and permits — what many consider as the Eighth Circle of Hell. We understand that navigating this realm and experience counts for a lot here, so we take care of obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the authorities, ensuring compliance with home designs in Perth and throughout Australia. 

If you’d prefer, our team can handle the paperwork, and the various discussions with your local council planning officials — and even utility providers — so you can focus on getting excited about seeing your dream home come to life.


Step Six. Construction and project management

It’s time to break ground and create your groundbreaking custom home build. We’ll keep you in the loop with regular updates, site visits, and open lines of communication. Our project management team will ensure that everything runs smoothly, coordinating with subcontractors and maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality, all while adhering to the finest home designs in Australia.


If you’re ready to build a sustainable, beautiful, downright lovable home, Get in touch with our Perth home builders today.