5 things to consider when building a second-storey home

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Planning to build a luxury two-storey home is an exciting prospect. Building from scratch allows you to design a place that showcases your personality and fits your lifestyle — with two storeys to maximise space and capture views.

Building any dwelling requires research, planning and permissions. It is true, however, that building a double-storey home is a little more involved. Your two-storey builder will help you navigate the building process, but before you start planning, here are five crucial things to consider.

1. Review your budget expectations

Your future home design depends on your budget. Of course, the home layout, design elements and bespoke finishings will increase the price.

But don’t get discouraged. An experienced, specialist second-storey builder will give you an idea of what your budget can achieve and give you recommendations.

It’s worth spending a little time writing a brief that lists your non-negotiables, such as “view to the garden from the kitchen”, “three bedrooms upstairs” or “two bathrooms”. A list of must-haves and deal-breakers lets the architect and builder know where you’ll see the most value and guide their recommendations.

2. Design with your future lifestyle in mind

Many clients say that building a home has been on their wish list for years, while others make the decision to build because of a lifestyle change. Perhaps your family has grown, or your income affords a new standard of living. 

As double-storey home builders, we recommend envisioning your expectations for at least the next 7-10 years (one property cycle), or longer if you intend to put down roots for life. For a young family, that might mean planning for the teenage years (perhaps a private retreat for the adults and the teens). Those in their elder years would do well to consider accessibility and mobility, such as ramps, lifts, or perhaps space for a live-in nurse or service worker. With the right design consideration, two-storey homes are very much for anyone..

Second-storey houses also open up a range of different interior styling options, such as creating dramatic spaces with voids to bring light and depth into space.

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3. Remember smaller blocks suit second-storey building

One of the many benefits of building a second-storey house is maximising the size of a smaller block – giving you ample living space for a lower price in a more desirable neighbourhood.

As Perth’s population increases, so too do property prices, and the amount of investors selling off battle-axes and narrow blocks. Subdivisions on R25 blocks have been more frequent in the hot property market of late, and double-storey narrow size lot home designs have become some of our most popular designs.

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The best thing about two-storey homes is a smaller lot won’t result in less living space. You build upwards instead of out, and there are different luxury design styles to choose from.

4. Be realistic with the building schedule

Wouldn’t it be great if your home was built and ready to live in within three months? It’s the ultimate dream. But it does take time to craft a home you will love. Depending on the design and availability of building trades, forecasts for new two-storey home builds could be anywhere from 10-18 months (from plan signoff to getting the keys).

The transition period means you will need to consider your living arrangements. Will you be staying in your current home, with family members, renting a smaller apartment, or doing some long-term house sitting to save cash? The build period can put pressure on family finances, so consider what you’ll need as a buffer for the timeframe. We promise, it will be worth it!

5. Get methodical with your design inspiration and get excited

One of the most enjoyable things to do before you build is to look for home inspiration. It’s a fun and exciting process – but can also get confusing. Pinterest is a fantastic tool to do some digital scrapbooking – but the old-school scissors and glue is fine as well. Visual examples to give your double-storey builders will help them envision your dream design.

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The Cottesloe

Where else can you go for inspiration? Luxury two-storey display homes give you a real-life experience – how it looks, feels and sounds – as well as what is or isn’t practical for your lifestyle. You can walk through the house, get a feel for the finishes and imagine living there yourself. 

Ready to start planning? Browse our home designs to get inspired.


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