Best storage ideas for your luxury home

A girl playing with a doll in her bedroom - Best storage ideas for your luxury home

Storage space likely isn’t the first thing you think about when building a luxury home. Most people are more focused on compelling new home design features like magical lighting or beautiful landscaping

Storage might not be the sexiest topic but it’s worth considering carefully. “Too much stuff and nowhere to store it” is a common complaint we hear from homeowners. Plus, when all your odds & ends are neatly stored, your home is more functional and looks better as a result. 

The storage solutions you choose depend on your family’s lifestyle, and of course, the stuff you own. If you’re struggling to find room for clothes, shoes and bags, then you’ll need to think about a spacious wardrobe design. And if cooking is a favoured pastime, you’ll want kitchen storage that won’t impede on functionality or design style.

Here, we give you storage ideas for every room in your house

Kitchen: Functional storage

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are not only an intelligent design feature for open-plan kitchens but they give you extra storage space. You can incorporate drawers or shelves underneath the bench and install a sink to maximise space on other bench tops in the kitchens too.

Butler kitchens

Have you heard? Butler kitchens are back! Luxury home builders are finding butler kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in custom home designs

What exactly is a butler kitchen? Historically, butler kitchens were where the butler would store silverware, prepare food and clean dishes. Nowadays, butler kitchens are more likely to be a place to store those ‘sometimes’ kitchen items you don’t use on a daily basis.

What you can store in your butler kitchen:

  • Large appliances, e.g. extra fridge, dishwasher 
  • Pots and pans
  • Large serving platters or bowls
  • Cleaning equipment (including a sink)
  • Slow cooker, rice cooker and other appliances

Walk-in pantries 

We always recommend walk-in pantries for families. Rather than regularly misplacing items in crammed, dark cupboards, walk-in pantries make ingredients more visible and accessible. You can customise the design to incorporate shelving and draws, and add compartments for extra bits and pieces for organised storage.

Bathroom: Storage beyond the vanity 

Built-in hidden cabinets 

When the bathroom vanity is your only storage option the room quickly becomes crowded. Are you opting for a minimalist design aesthetic but want more room?  Hidden cabinets are your answer. Your luxury home builder can build cabinets that are either recessed into the wall or hidden within another feature such as your mirror or bath.

Tallboy cabinets 

Tallboy cabinets are exactly what they sound like – tall cabinets. You can choose wall-hung or floor-standing tallboys that give you floor to ceiling storage (if you need it) and design them in a way that complements your bathroom style. 

Laundry: Reinventing the “forgotten room”

Sigh. The laundry is often the forgotten or “ugly” room in the house. Usually, because it becomes a dumping ground for not just dirty clothes, but everything you don’t want to store in the main rooms. But if you keep storage at the front of your mind when you talk to your luxury home builder, you can actually make your laundry a pleasant space.

Wall cabinets  

Old-hat laundry designs usually have cabinets below the sink but nowhere else. What were they thinking?! The easiest way to maximise storage in your laundry is to utilise wall space – above the sink and on the opposing wall too.

Washing machine and dryer placement

Where you place big appliances like washing machines affect the space you’ll have elsewhere. Designing your laundry in a way that can fit your washer and dryer on top of each other maximises the space surrounding it. Another smart storage idea is to place these appliances under the bench to free up space above them. 

Bedroom: Custom walk-in wardrobe 

There are few things more luxurious in a bedroom than a walk-in wardrobe — whether you’re a fashionista or not, it’s a game-changer. Building a walk-in wardrobe gives you countless storage options, and without clutter, your bedroom will have a more serene ambience. You can add floor-to-ceiling shelving to store shoes and bags, and custom drawer units for accessories.

As luxury home builders in Perth, we know that every family’s storage needs are different. The best thing about a custom home design? Your storage space solutions are up to you!

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