Hamptons style: Luxury homes most popular design

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What interior design style do we get asked about most often? Hamptons style, of course! Despite other contemporary designs coming into vogue like industrial, Scandinavian and eclectic, Hamptons remains the go-to for custom home builders.

It’s no surprise, considering our coastal lifestyle. Hamptons suits Australian living, maybe even more than the famous Hamptons itself. Hamptons style evokes days spent on the beach before winding down in your favourite wicker chair on the verandah with a drink. And those lazy Sundays relishing the sea breeze – all the good stuff. 

Hamptons style may be classic, but like any aesthetic, it’s gone through many iterations. With Hamptons being the most popular design at Stannard Homes, we keep up with its evolution – just look at the Hamptons home we built for the O’Connors. 

Summer is the perfect time to consider this bright and breezy design approach. Read our tips for achieving this iconic design style for your new custom build.

Let the bright, white light in

Hamptons style calls for ample light. If you’re in the design stage of your custom build, ask your builder about optimising the natural light inside. Think big windows and expansive glass doors to show off your landscaping. Windows in hallways and skylights over staircases breathe life into forgotten spaces and give your home a holiday feel. What about ambient light? The more light, the better! Pendant lights are perfect and allow you to express your design flair.

Accent with non-traditional colours 

Traditional Hamptons is predominantly white with blue accents – think nautical aesthetic – but contemporary takes are bending the rules. Colours like gold, beige, brown, and black are fair game. These colours soften the stark white from Hamptons interiors of the past and give your custom-built home an edge. We’re also seeing a lot of brass accents, which is a clever way to modernise the style and add a touch of opulence. Want the look? Opt for brass handles for cabinetry, brass pendant lighting or invest in brass furniture.

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Opt for luxury details on walls and ceilings 

Hamptons style channels the laid-back vibes of your favourite seaside holiday with a touch of luxury – the Hamptons are where the rich and famous congregate, after all! How do you elevate your custom-built home to evoke extravagance? It’s all in the details. Coffered ceilings, which are raised or recessed sections of your ceiling, add classy character. Moulding or beams in white or timber give your room dimension, keeping with the Hamptons tradition. Sucker for heritage vibes? Wainscoting is wall panelling or moulding that frames or decorates your walls. Detailed walls give your home a Hamptons-esque feel.

Embrace the shaker-style cabinetry 

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the most well-known Hamptons design element – shaker style. Shaker style is a simple and functional cabinetry style, making it popular across many design approaches. With clean lines, this minimal cabinetry lends itself well to statement handles. Match the cabinetry with an island bench, and you’ll have a quintessential Hamptons-style kitchen. Of course, shaker style can be brought into other rooms, like the laundry and bathroom, too.

Welcome in natural elements

Although classic and subdued in colour, Hamptons-style homes shouldn’t feel cold or stuffy. One way to avoid this is to offset the white with soft textures and natural elements. Wood is an easy place to start. You’ll see many Hamptons homes with light timber flooring that complements the neural interior perfectly and makes the house more welcoming. Wood flooring not your thing? You can also opt for wooden or wicker furniture and rugs made of natural fibres to create softness and texture instead.

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