Landscaping trends for your dream home in 2022

Landscaping has always been a consideration for custom home designs in Australia, but COVID-19 has meant we’re spending more time at home than ever before, so we’re giving outdoor spaces more thought. 

The lifestyle change has had a considerable impact on recent landscaping trends. Homeowners that may have opted for a conventional landscaping design have become more adventurous and created sanctuaries where they can rewind. There’s also been a greater appreciation for nature without human intervention, which has also affected trends. 

So as the barbecues are sizzling in the sunshine, we’re heading outside and thinking about the landscaping trends we can expect this year. Whether you’re planning on building a custom-built home or collecting inspiration for a backyard overhaul, here are the landscaping trends you can expect in 2022.

Raised garden beds

Homegrown produce is still a favourite pastime, with more people opting to grow their fruit, vegetables and herbs at home, but the on-trend ‘veggie patch’ changes year to year. Most recently, homeowners opt for raised garden beds, perhaps because they’re easy to build and versatile. You can construct a raised garden almost anywhere (even over concrete) and customise the size to suit your space. Raised garden beds are also better for drainage and make your plants easier to access. Tip: Make sure your garden bed is in a spot that gets enough sunlight!

The blurring of indoors and outdoors

When you picture your dream home, do you imagine a beautiful outdoor escape with a completely different feel to your indoor design? Blurring the boundaries between inside and outside spaces is the hot ticket in town. New custom home designs opt for concrete flooring and continuous design themes throughout. Traditional “inside” features are being built outside, too, like outdoor kitchens with tiles, self-standing structures with in-built blinds and hybrid furniture (furniture for both indoors and outdoors). Are you building a home from scratch? A quality luxury home builder will easily create indoor/outdoor fluidity.


‘Wilderness’ inspired gardens

If you’re a relaxed gardener, you’ll be happy to know garden styles have gone wild! Gone are the days of manicured lawns and garden beds with sharp angles and sectioned flower themes. The trend at the moment, and one that will continue into 2022, is the rugged wilderness. So how do you achieve the look? Take a more random approach to your garden aesthetic. Relax the boundaries, embrace soft shapes and mix species of plants. It’s all about keeping things organic and natural. The best part? You can skip the upkeep and see where your gardens take you!

Eco-conscious landscaping

2022 trends won’t just be about aesthetics. Continuing on from 2020, home design will be about considering the impact of your choices. This perspective inspires the eco-conscious or green landscaping trend. It’s about making sustainable landscaping decisions – reducing the amount of water, soil and general waste you use in your garden. Supporting local wildlife is also a green decision. You can do this by choosing to grow native plants in your garden. Natives encourage healthy ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

Stone or gravel paths

Neat paving is on the out! It’s all about a more natural look in 2022. Think round stones in mulch or wood chips, pebbled paths, natural gravel, and misshapen pavers. We love large pavers with gaps where grass can grow. Paths will wind through “wild” gardens and lead to “nowhere”, perfect for the organic feel that’s popular right now. So in 2022, the Perth custom home designs will be as big as ever. 2022 is all about making your outdoor space as comfortable as your indoor one!

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