What to Look for When Visiting a Display Home

Dinner Table and Kitchen's Island.

There are more than 100 display homes across Perth and they, of course, all want to show their best side. However, not all homes are built to the same standard. With over 30 years in the building industry, Stannard Homes have built several dedicated display homes which you can view here.

When visiting a display home in Perth, there are a few areas worthy of extra attention to be sure that you’re comparing apples with apples. Using the below as a guide you’ll be able to find the right mix of quality, value and imagination in your dream home.

Does the layout work for your lifestyle?

A design can look great on paper, but actually visiting a display home will give you an idea of ‘feel and flow.’ Do you like the idea of a grand entryway, maybe having a cross breeze through the home on sunny days, or more of a focus on outdoor entertaining? Perhaps you’re looking to build an investment property, so consider what layout and features will suit your ideal tenants. Stannard Homes aren’t mass-produced affairs, they’re handmade by professional craftspeople, so we’re more than accommodating to find options that better reflect the owners’ needs.

luxury display home

Are the fixtures standard or custom?

Taps, countertops, tiling and handles are largely a matter of taste. So, if you’re thinking the ones featured in the display could be swapped out, it’s good to know the price range and suggest opting for quality manufacturers. They’ll look better and continue to perform year after year. Online tools such as Google Lens are getting more and more advanced at being able to locate brands and objects online. Don’t get caught up with every little item, but do consider which ones bring value to you and be clear on your ‘must haves.’

display homes inclusions

Yes, you should knock on the walls. Here’s why.

Sound is a sense that is often overlooked in home design. When viewing a display home, you actually have the chance to check the noise level throughout and between rooms. Weird echoes, cavernous open-plan areas, and the placement of the toilet will all matter if you’re living in that design. If you’re in a two-storey display home, does noise travel through from walking on the second floor? Any parent will understand the desire for acoustic buffering, whether it’s the kids playing, or adults needing some ‘alone time.’

Take a moment to consider the ambient noise level of the home with all the doors and windows shut. There’s street traffic to contend with, perhaps flight paths, and there’s always that neighbour with a leaf blower. It’s unlikely you’ll be living in the exact version (or location) of a display home, but listening closely to how well the home’s construction reduces outside and inside noise through quality materials can offer peace of mind that there’ll be peace at home.

Get to know the materials of your display home.

There’s only so much one can glean from a floor plan or online photos of a display home. Does the kitchen cabinetry feel as solid as it looks, or perhaps the handles feel a bit cheap? Some display homes will show the ‘basic package’ while others will sprinkle in extras and options, so get clear about the things you love about the home materials, make note of what they are, and be sure that they’re the materials listed on the final spec.

cottesloe display

Check the thermal efficiency

Heating and cooling can end up being some of the larger costs for homes with poor design, materials or construction. Is the display home designed to utilise natural light and play nice with the seasons in WA? Consider window/awning placement compared to the sun and consider if that will work for your block and what might need to change in the design depending on the orientation.

Is the display home a quality build?

It’s often the little things that show whether the display home builder is the right one for your home. Keep an eye out for odd gaps where walls meet the floor or ceiling, or in window frame joinery, all of which can indicate sub-par craftsmanship. Display homes are usually presented with professional interior design elements that will inspire, but also can simply distract. Remember that home staging does a lot to shape the feel of a place, but focus on the building itself and the quality of those elements.

Finally a few tips on deciding from a display home

Take your own photos. Every display home builder will have their wide-angle lenses and perfect lighting in their marketing materials. How does the home look through your eyes? You’re on the hunt for the perfect home, so with permission, take as many photos as you can to help you compare various builder’s display homes on the things that matter to YOU. 

If you’re being made promises or guarantees, get things in writing – there are some unscrupulous salespeople out there. Also, it can be immensely useful to take notes as you go. There are some outstanding note-keeping devices on smartphones that can help you create a pros and cons list, important factors or stand-out features in the display home.

Lastly, trust your gut. A lot of big decisions might seem to rest only with logical thinking, but it’s worth asking yourself: does it feel right? Remember, it’s not just about the home you’ll be living in, it’s the experience of adding your design elements, the build, and the relationship you have with the builder that is really on display when you visit a display home.