The Aria: Redesigning ‘home’ for modern living

The Aria from another perspective - The Aria: Redesigning ‘Home’ for Modern Living.

When deciding on a new home build, it can be challenging to articulate what makes a house feel like home. At Stannard, we believe that these desires deserve the time for discovery in the journey. A new home build is always a reinvention of the past and the delightfully new, bound together.

A new build allows one to tie the architectural features to your preferred interior design style and colour schemes. Unlike moving into an existing home, there’s less risk of favoured furniture feeling anachronous.

In the newly revamped Aria display, our interior designer Rounded Edge Style has retained the cabinetry, tiles and quality Miele kitchen appliances, all of which remain timely to this day. To maintain the Aria’s position at the leading edge of design, updates have focussed on wallpaper, feature pendants, curtains, rugs and soft furnishings – styling choices that reflect the best in contemporary family living.

Aria Dining

For many, the Aria feels like the most treasured parts of their cherished family home, dusted off, polished up and made to shine for the next stage of one’s journey. When you arrive on the street in Alfred Cove, you’ll be entranced by the simple beauty of this contemporary abode. The thought behind its design is indeed, all about simplicity, removing the pesky parts of design arrangements that don’t work for how we really live.

Aria Living Area

Notice the second-floor windows that let in sunlight without interfering with your privacy. External stone piers are charmingly bespoke, an organic flourish countered by geometrically ideal shapes. Each line of the Aria display home feels purposeful, never overdone, using restraint to conjure a building that is equal-parts useful and heartfelt.

Having recently undergone an interior design transformation, the Aria showcases just how personal styling can change the feel of a modern home design.

In the words of interior designer Nicola Draper-Henkel, “There was already an existing neutral base for all large pieces of furniture in the Aria such as beds, couches and chairs. All of these have been refreshed and reused using a carefully selected range of cushions and bedding to elevate the look and feel of the Aria to a quiet and understated luxury.”

Aria Luxury Living Area

Stepping over the threshold, notice the abundance of natural light provided by the soaring architectural void. One could almost hear the cutlery being gathered for a Sunday morning brunch, delightful conversation amongst friends; the yen to make the most of the day.

There’s an orderliness that works for the modern family, of course, but nothing clinical. Each carefully chosen design element in the Aria feels specially handcrafted, perfected, and easy to keep clean (no matter how many muddy little footprints come marching inside from younger residents).

“Brass was used to add a modern feel in the form of side tables and lamps,” says Draper-Henkel. “New velvet accent cushions on sofas and bedding adding a luxe feel and those important pops of colour against the black and neutrals. Greenery and planters adds life and vibrance to the various spaces.”

Rooms in the Aria display home seem perfectly fit for purpose — because they are — though the flexibility to alter each one to your liking is entirely possible. The theatre room is ideal for popcorn-fueled entertainment, or perhaps it could be transformed into a peaceful personal yoga retreat, complete with your big screen for virtual workout sessions.

Alfresco and outdoor

Take a moment to take in the view through the soaring glasswork that frames a double-height alfresco and outdoor area fit for the adventurous gardener. A lot fits on a block, even as confined as this, when used well. The inside and out are married stunningly in a way that overcomes expected barricades, letting nature become part of the home, without ever feeling as though it’s encroaching.

Aria Living Area

Upstairs, as the tour continues, each room and nook offers something different for each person who visits the Aria display home. An office, a den, a studio, a bedroom? The modern-inspired interior design shows just a glimpse of what is possible when you build with Stannard Homes.

If you love the Aria (and who could blame you?), think of it as your springboard to what a modern home design may offer you. Once you step foot inside, you’ll be awakened to a world of potential of how life could be; a canvas on which to paint your tastes, memories and hopes for the future.

To tour the Stannard Aria display home in all its reimagined glory see our open times, or book a private tour with a Stannard Homes representative.

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