The Coco: Classic French elegance for the modern age

Upper floor - The Coco: Classic French Elegance for the Modern Age

Museums, pasteurisation, the metric system, camembert… society owes much to France, especially around style and culture. The country, with its deep history of monarchs, revolution, artistry and democracy is also the birthplace of many high-end brands including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, Renault, Peugeot, and of course, Chanel.

The inspiration for Stannard Homes’ Coco, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s impact on fashion has clearly continued on beyond her passing in 1971. A creative business woman, her luxurious lifestyle and knack for elegant yet effortless chic, she is credited with creating style icons such as the ‘little black dress,’ the Chanel suit, and even popularising the handbag. 

However, she was not ‘to the manor born.’ A child of a poor family, Coco was later sent to an orphanage and convent, eventually becoming a talented seamstress. Sometimes entertaining at cafe-concerts in Moulins, the mademoiselle would meet a young French ex-cavalry officer and textile heir who would introduce her to fine dining, fine wine, rural manor houses and chateaux.

Her non-aristocratic upbringing and active lifestyle might explain why she was among the first to popularise relaxed fit clothing (inspiring the spaces in our Coco design), moving away from the corseted silhouette. Over the following decades as an established couturière, she created a fashion empire which today is a multi-billion dollar business. 

“Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever” – Coco Chanel


What is the French provincial style of home?

Traditional and timeless, the French provincial style is a style that has remained popular since it first came to prominence in the 18th century. Created by the French nobility who wanted an escape from the rapidly urbanising center of Paris, these homes were large enough to allow space for entertaining the well-to-do in their social circle, with numerous spacious bedrooms for guests to sleep off the Champagne.

It’s stately yet simple appearance has long been favoured in and around the western suburbs of Perth, albeit with twists in style to modern tastes. Decorating a French provincial style home allows one to take inspiration from the best of history, without making it feel like a stuffy museum. Much like Chanel’s ‘little black dress’ it goes with everything, allowing you to style it with the latest interior design fashions. 

About the Coco by Stannard Homescoco home design

The Coco is impeccably stylish without looking overdressed. From the understated grandeur of the hallway, a formal lounge leads off, and the passage sweeps onward past a staircase with stylish balustrading, and into the large, free form living area.

Form and function meet in every room, helping Stannard’s Coco win the HIA best kitchen and bathroom in 2018. Exceptionally finished, and its scullery provides ample storage, perfect for the largest of dinner parties. The kitchen overlooks the dining and family areas that open up to a large, airy alfresco.

coco style kitchencoco style bathroom

The feature staircase leads up to three bedrooms, an elegant bathroom, study area, family living area with kitchenette and double door access to a Juliette style balcony. The ground floor is home to the generous master bedroom with sizable ensuite and walk-in robe; the perfect place to keep your Chanel suit, or favourite pieces by YSL, Hermès or Christian Louboutin.

coco style bedroom

The Coco really is a master to behold. If you would like to book a virtual or private tour of the Coco, simply get in touch to book a time or view our opening times