5 design ideas to make your single-storey home design your own

Don Kaveen Dining Room Design By Stannard Homes

When you want your single-storey home design to reflect your family’s unique style, you spend a lot of time looking for inspiration, and it is not easy making decisions. 

But the good news? An experienced home builder will give you ideas in line with your budget so you can design a home with innovative features that appeal to you.

Want to know our favourite custom home design trends for single-storey homes? Here are 5 trends that can make your home your own.


Statement ceilings  

Ceilings are a design opportunity often missed, with homeowners settling for the conventional flat, white style. What can you do? Well, it depends on your taste and budget! Structurally, you can play with raised, pitched or coffered ceilings to create dimension and depth. You can also choose to build your ceiling with different materials like wood. Exposed wood beams will give you the coveted cabin vibe, making you feel extra cosey in the winter. And if you’re on a budget, you can create a statement ceiling by painting it a different colour or covering it with patterned wallpaper.

Statement ceiling ideas:

  • Raised ceilings 
  • Bulkheads
  • Exposed beams
  • Vaulted ceiling 
  • Beadboard ceiling 
  • Ceiling rose 
  • Statement colour or wallpaper
  • Custom moulding 
  • Ornate cornices

Throughview: Glass on opposing walls

We wrote about blurring the boundaries between inside and outside spaces in our landscaping trends for 2022. A custom home design idea that complements this philosophy is a throughview.

What’s a throughview? Glass windows or sliding doors on opposing walls that allow you to see ‘straight through’. You can achieve the same look with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Throughviews give you uninterrupted views of your garden and make your home transparent from the outside.

Curves, curves, curves

We love a trend report, so we jumped on Pinterest’s 2022 Trend Prediction. One of their predictions said curves would be all the rage, and they were right! Architectural curves have made a comeback. Much like statement ceilings, this single-storey trend suits every design style. You can choose a simple archway or a curved walk-in shower, or commit to something more dramatic like a curved ceiling or wall that looks onto a view. The possibilities are endless!


Warm wood 

The pandemic has meant we’re all looking for comfort. Homeowners want to create a feeling of peace in their custom home design by leaning into natural materials. Exposed wooden ceilings or statement walls infuse your home with a sense of warmth and will differentiate you from the clean, minimalist design aesthetic that has reigned for years. Alternatively, you can choose wood for your counters and cabinetry. Countless colours, textures and finishes are available, each making your space that little bit different, while providing warmth and texture.


Cavity sliding doors (also known as Pocket doors)

When you’re building a single-storey home, one of the things you have to balance is privacy vs. open-plan living. Open-plan spaces are appealing because they’re light and bright and give you plenty of room for entertaining. But you also want to section rooms off for privacy. There is a way you can have both. How? Ditch hinged doors for cavity sliding doors. These are sliding doors built into the wall cavity, so the door is hidden when it’s closed. Cavity sliding doors give you the best of both worlds – open space when open and privacy when closed.

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