Home design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2024

Every year we explore the evolving landscape of home design trends. We don’t believe in sacrificing your taste for what’s hot right now, but we believe trends inspire you to think outside the box and make more interesting design decisions. 

Home design trends of 2023 were inspired by maximalism, an aesthetic of excess that brought vibrancy and character to living spaces. This year combines classic with individuality, where styles from the past blend seamlessly into the modern age. 

From the understated style of quiet luxury and the revival of chrome to the magic of statement lighting, each trend is easy to emulate and make yours. We give you the five trends we’re loving in 2024.


Elevate your home design with these top trends in 2024

Chrome dome

Rooted in the retro glamour of the 20th century, chrome is a trend that returns periodically. It’s returned, bringing reflective surfaces to living spaces through decorative pieces and statement furniture. Instead of relying on easy wins like chrome tapware, make this style yours with chrome bathroom mirror frames or statement stool legs. Home designers integrate chrome with organic materials to maintain warmth and avoid rooms looking too futuristic. What we love about chrome is its versatility, so whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, chrome will work. 

Tip: Create chrome focal points that reflect light and add a dynamic layer of sophistication to the space.

Multi-generational living

[Pictured: Secluded guest wing, The Hamelin display home, Mt Hawthorn, WA]

Custom home build clients are increasingly planning homes that accommodate the extended family. How does this inform design? Customising your home build to house more people in different ways. Common features in all multi-generational homes include generous space, versatile living areas, and privacy. Many of our clients are building two-store homes for generational living with downstairs and upstairs ensuites so adults can spread out on both floors.

Alternatively, designing their home with a distinct ‘wing’ of the house in mind, providing specific family members with their own dedicated space. Another popular option is the construction of self-contained studios, commonly referred to as granny flats, offering an independent living arrangement. Thoughtful design enables parents, grandparents, and children to coexist harmoniously under one roof.

Tip: Design a home with two master bedrooms, both with ensuites. 

Quiet luxury

Did you watch Succession? If you did, you’re probably aware of the quiet luxury clothing trend in 2023. Vogue describes the trend as a “synonym for elevated basics” and “less austere than minimalism.” The mood is the same in home design – a considered and understated approach. Luxury is whispered through subtle colour palettes and quality, timeless pieces rather than bold, garish accents. Quiet luxury is about creating serene spaces that feel elevated without being over the top. Think stunning woods, rich materials and well-crafted furniture that will stand the test of time. 

Tip: Less is more with this trend. 

Kitchen focus

It’s all about kitchens in 2024. Home builders are placing more emphasis on kitchen design. Families refuse to settle for impracticalities and invest in better storage and intuitive technology. Smart kitchens are becoming the norm, equipped with communication appliances and energy-efficient systems that learn from your habits. If you thought it was all about functionality, you’re wrong. According to the Pinterest trend report, the term ‘kitschy kitchens’ is up 75%. This year’s trend celebrates individuality with reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and vintage finds. 

Tip: Seatable islands are on trend but also practical. 

Statement lighting

[Pictured: The Hamelin display home, Mt Hawthorn, WA]

From sculptural chandeliers that serve as the centre-piece of a room to artisanal sconces that add depth and drama, statement lighting is as much about aesthetics as illumination. Home designers blend materials and textures, integrate LED technology with organic forms, and play with scale to create fixtures that start a conversation. Statement lighting can be positioned to highlight architectural features and create moods that shift from the bright and vibrant to the soft and intimate. Let lighting tell a story.

Tip: Tick two trends off your list and opt for statement lighting in your kitchen.

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